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How to know when to walk away

Three sisters, my ONLY family, have inherited and or developed personality disorders and more including BPD, BIPOLAR 3 or 4. We're all over 50 now, I'm 3rd born of 4 women. 8 yrs now in earnest compassion and empathy I've tried to be loving, open. Truthful and generous. Our mom, passed away 2004. She suffered with severe depression & BPD. I must find my way alone, use to this M.O. But I love my sisters as I do myself. At 57 yrs old, I realize how debilitating and exhausting my roll was and is now! Idk how to be ok with me, if I'm unattentive to their endless needs. HELP.

Request to watch a video about the Christian and Jewish connection of Jesus

Dear Dr. Peterson, I hope this message finds you well. I am a big fan of your work and have been following your lectures and books for some time now. I came across a video that I believe would be of great interest to you, as it covers topics that are central to your research and teachings, specifically the Christian and Jewish connection of Jesus being the morning and evening sacrifice. The speaker of the video has a Masters in Biblical studies from Moody Bible College and completed Jewish Yushiva school which adds a unique perspective to the topic. I believe your Exodus and Genesis lectures would benefit from the insights provided in this video. The video is an hour long and it explains the religious and spiritual significance of this connection in an engaging and enlightening way. I think you would find it thought-provoking and inspiring, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on it. I understand that you are a busy individual and may not have the time to watch the video. I am linking the YouTube video below if it is convenient for you. Thank you for your time and consideration, Lugohst Balkuvors Link -

Can art be objective?

Would it be possible to consider an artist’s rendition of anything that they create to be an objective truth? Or is it informed prior by subjective experiences? (Apologies if you’ve answered this).

Best all-in-one content platform?

good morning. in the now, im a 50 something, born again, relationship weary, estranged from my canadian family, bicycle mechanic from small town southern ontario but living in europe since '88 - smallest nutshell bio version possible - and my question is; is there a platform where ALL of mr peterson's regularly posted stuff is available on a subscription basis? Has the supercast platform become kind of passé? im of very modest means and although im trying really hard to save money for later, streamline my overall expenses, cheat to have fun trotz allem, pay my fricken stratospheric energy bill like everybody else and just generally struggling with accepting transitioning from grownupdom to adulthood as a 56year old after just not getting it for way too long yada yada yada, i do have a small budget slot with which i want to get the highest JBP yield possible? im pretty well sorted with his one off cost products but im gonna want, if possible, to decide on a subscription platform soon..... or not. i see that the "daily wire" is quite popular nowadays but is there such a thing as a one stop JBP shopping mall? is all his regular stuff up there? any advice, yes/no answers or sign that this mail gets processed somehow would be very cool. thanks so much and merry christmas! mp germany "saved by jesus christ, healed by teetotalism and reinvented by jordan b peterson"

Self-Authoring Suite & AI

If you could improve the self-authoring suite with what cutting edge UX / AI allows, what would that be?