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Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever thought about breaking down and analyzing Alice in Wonderland? If not would love to see a lecture or two on it. Thank you!

Beginning of Infinity

Are you familiar with David Deutsch and what did you make of his book ‘the beginning of infinity’? Would love for you to do a podcast episode with him

Australia tour 2022

Can you please include Canberra in your next tour of Australia (or if by some small miracle this year's trip)? While listening to your podcasts and YouTube lectures is a fantastic privilege, it would be awe inspiring to see you speak in person. I live 5 hours drive from either Sydney or Melbourne (tiny village of Uranquinty near Wagga Wagga NSW) and have 5 young children, so a road trip on my own to see you, while being one of my ambitions, would require disruption to my family's life that I don't feel I can ask of them. Canberra is only 2-3 hours drive and more accessible for those living in regional NSW but who love your work and your wisdom.

My Dreams of going to hell

I never know how to take a dream if it has meaning or its just nonsense your brain threw together but I have pretty regular dreams that I die and go to hell but there's one that stuck with me and it horrified me. I wanted to get your opinion if dreams actually mean anything or if it's no more reliable then horoscopes. The dream started with me sitting in the middle of my living room on a chair with a gun ive always stuggled with depression and have had moments where i attempted to take my own life so theres another reason it freaked me out, anyway i put it too my chin and then everything flashs and I was falling in darkness I couldn't see any walls the ceiling or anything just Free falling eventually I slam to the ground and looked around at hell it looked Victorian amazing architecture but it was off all the metals were rusted parts of the building missing and this constant feeling of dread kinda like when your a kid running up stairs at night thinking somethings just about to reach out and grab your food. I noticed there was a cloud above me and just me and it started to pour rain on only me no matter where I moved it followed me. I remember seeing something I would say a demon on a wall and it explained that in hell the punishment for suicide is that it will rain on you forever. The thing told me it rains on people in hell who commit suicide because God crys for his children who take their own lives. Its symbolic. I still think about that almost every day. Do you think there's any significance to this?

Are we becoming a devouring mother society

Could the movement of western society towards a preoccupation with safety and the prevention of offence, be a consequence of an increased feminine participation in decision making in government and institutions? Could this lead to a “devouring mother” totalitarian state which controls our speech, thoughts and actions in order to protect everyone?