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Do you ever worry that your anger consumes you?

I've been watching and listening to your content for many years. I was somewhat shocked by your recent video about the Twitter ban, not because I disagree with you, I am broadly in agreement with the issues you raise. However, it was the energy, tone, and emotion that shocked me and I fear that if you let that consume you, it could work against you, dilute your message and perhaps even turn people away. Perhaps ask yourself, did the manner in which you communicated your message match with the moral ideals espoused in the great contemplative traditions, was it firmly rooted in compassion and love, or did it also contain impure components?

What do we mean when we say pride?

"The word “pride” has many implications, and is understood in different ways. It can indicate arrogance, self inflation, conceit. Or it can indicate a feeling of self respect and self worth – a kind of dignity and appropriate regard for oneself. This latter understanding is an essential characteristic for everyone – but particularly marginalized people – to develop." Dr. Daijaku I believe when people participate in the celebration of Gay Pride, most are in the former category, the celebration of self-dignity and respect. Isn't it important to distinguish between different aspects of pride?

How to help ideologically possessed family

I have a brother and sister-in-law who are headed down the path of ideological possession of the Marxist/Post Modernist/Leftist persuasion. They were both raised as Christians, and for now at least, still attend church, but I can see very clearly in their words and actions that they are being drawn away from their roots. The most stark example of this is that they are allowing and even encouraging their five year old son to socially transition to the clothing, toys and interests of a girl. My wife and I want to preserve our relationship with us, but also help them if possible. Any advice you can give us?

Daily wire

Super pumped to see you join the daily wire team! Just curious if the daily wire content is exactly the same as content provided by the Spotify paid podcast subscription? All the best Thanks !

What does it mean if you dream you see yourself in a mirror?

I have had three dreams where I've seen myself in a mirror. I remember the most from the first dream. I was in a house, and there was a man with me (it might have been a friend of mine, but I'm not sure), and we stumbled across a man dying from a gunshot wound. The man who was dying asked me if I would kill him with a knife so that he didn't have to die from a gun. I told him no, but that I would shoot him to put him out of his misery. He said no, and I left him. I went around a corner, and there was a mirror. In my reflection, my eyes were very tiny, like little pinpricks, and I washed my face repeatedly, but my eyes would not grow larger. In the second dream, I only remember that I saw myself wearing a muzzle like a dog. My eyes were huge, and I was crying, although I can't remember feeling any emotion. In the third dream, I was not wearing a muzzle, and my eyes were a normal size again. Even more interesting, I looked pretty to myself, which is unusual. What does it mean to see yourself in a mirror in a dream, and do you have any ideas about what these particular dreams mean?