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Are you familiar with this frame of reference?

I assume you are familiar with The Social Dilemma. There's a conversation on How Social Media Warps Creators with one of The Social Dilemma creators - Tristan Harris. Are you familiar with this frame of reference? I believe many wouldn't mind you inviting Tristan on your podcast.

Listened to Lex Fridman Interview; was struck by Grad. School/fear of death

Hello Dr. Peterson, I am not at all suicidal nor do I idealize death in any way, but much like you, during my time in postgraduate schooling (law; I’m 32) I have been feeling the crunch of time on my shoulders nearly exactly as you described in your past. Do you have any short advice for me on rooting out why this has occurred? (For reference I am Above 80% openess, moderate conscientious , highly extroverted, moderate/low agreeableness, and low neuroticism) Because of the former, I don’t think it’s a obsession, could it be a spiritual tie? Thanks. Best wishes, you are an awesome person.

Interpretation of Beethoven's 5th - 1st movement

Hope this isn't a pompous question, but when I listen to Beethoven's 5th symphony, specifically the 1st movement I think of your life- the ups & downs, triumphs & tribulations- always ascending, moving forward and upward no matter how bleak or painful or difficult. Through it all, you seem to me to have become totally fearless; just like how the music comes back stronger after ever downturn. It is an inspiring thing to witness. Anyway, I'm sure you've heard it, but do you have any thoughts/interpretations?

Does the future authoring program work if you have BPD?

I heard you say that BPD is a disorder where people are unable to implement any solution and it rings completely true to me. I'm very smart, I can tell you exactly what the problem is, and I can tell you what I can do to fix it, but it seems completely useless because it stays in the stratosphere of reflection; it's disconnected from an actual acting self. My psychiatrist said he's concerned I'll fail the BPD program (even though I haven't started yet) so I'm looking for alternative solutions.

Hello, Dr. Peterson :)

If men have to "earn access to women", as you've put it in one of the lectures of yours I've seen, what do women have to "earn access" to, how do they have to earn that access, and what are some red flags that she's not the type of woman that a man should allow to access... whatever it is?? Thank you.