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Thoughts on retirement

I am a woman, who will soon turn 70 - still working in my own company in the real estate line. I have already earned the money I need for living for the rest of my life. I am not sure when to retire or if I dare to retire at all. Whom will I be then? I am reluctant to let go. I'd love to hear your thoughts on retirement.

How can I be less dramatic?

I'm prone to high drama. Every time my husband and I have an argument, it feels like our family's going to collapse for example. I've watched myself and this does not appear to be a relationship-specific problem. I'm like this all the time! This makes my life unnecessarily painful and it takes me a very long time to recover from small conflicts/upsets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by me andmy long-suffering husband :-)


In the corporate world of profit when and how much should you give back ? When is profit considered greed? Is greed only about money? Can power be in the mix with greed? Thank you for sharing yourself with the world . I really enjoy how your fans really love you , me included! John

When are we seeing a lecture series on Exodus?

How to become dangerous?

You mentioned that the way to become dangerous is largely through the "logos" and mastering your speech. Can you please expand on that?