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Self-Authoring Suite & AI

If you could improve the self-authoring suite with what cutting edge UX / AI allows, what would that be?

A humble guest request/recommendation

Dr. Peterson, I humbly recommend that you talk to Steve Deace (Twitter: @SteveDeaceShow) sometime, as he is one of the top sources when it comes to, er, “medical malfeasance”. I actually consider him an American hero on that front: not a term I use lightly. Three reasons for this request: • I believe there is enormous silent demand for you to have a detailed, in-depth conversation about c0v1d tyranny, especially with someone like Deace. • He has an incredibly deep and wide-ranging knowledge of Christian theology. • He is incredibly sharp and I think you would really enjoy talking with him. If you’re curious about Deace, I should point out that he has an incredibly important book coming out soon, the title of which is Rise of the Fourth Reich, in which he and coauthor Daniel Horowitz (another brilliant man) make the case for a second Nuremberg trial. This is literally the first request I’ve ever made of anyone, for any show, ever! :) God bless everything you have done for humanity, for my country, and for God. I am overwhelmed every day with gratitude that the Good Lord put you on this earth. God bless you.

Jbp premium

Why aren’t episodes of the JBP podcast being loaded on to the premium show anymore. Wasn’t one of the points of subscribing to not have to listen to commercials?

Being refunded but not debited

Hello, I have been “refunded” $16.45 three times on 9th September 23:31. I think there is something wrong as I have only paid once for my membership in August and haven’t requested any refunds. Thanks, Aline Marubayashi

Self-authoring, narrative and delusion

Dear Dr Peterson, I am suspicious of myself. If I want something, I wonder whether I should want it - whether it's GOOD to want it. If I try to talk myself into having confidence necessary to pursue a goal, I wonder whether I'm delusional in my confidence. Where is the line between positive self-narrative and delusion? Is it when the world pushes back? But sometimes the world will push back even if you're right, and sometimes it won't push back even when you're wrong - at least not immediately, and damage can be done in the meantime. I have deluded myself before, much to my detriment. I don't care to repeat the experience. How might I light that fire in my belly, to think that I am the one to do what nobody else is doing despite my deficits, without being foolish? How can I know if I'm lying to myself about my capacities before I start on a lengthy and difficult project? Thank you.