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What should you do when you’ve been too generous and are growing resentful?

I was wondering how to go about finding a middle ground with my significant other surrounding finances. It’s my first time living away from home and paying my expenses, but my parents have had to help me financially at times because my boyfriend just won’t do his part (although I made my share of mistakes when first starting out too). I’ve been paying more than my share for nearly three years now and he’s not been pulling his weight. I’ve developed myself in career and in education since we’ve been together and he’s stagnating. He always says he’s going to pay me what he owes me at the end of the month but he’s always been short by a large margin if I received any money at all. I feel conflicted asking this here. I don’t want to badmouth my significant other; I just feel exasperated. Any tips on what I should do next? Why is it that I’m unable to face having to be alone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Southern US (The Deep South)

You said you recently traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, and I wish to know what your views are on the South, particularly the Deep South, in general. We have a strange history of many ironies, great struggles, and tough progress. Our bad deeds, the lessons learned, and our progress is best exemplified in C. Vann Woodward's book The Burden of Southern History. I've many questions I want to ask you, but I guess first among those... There are many stereotypes of us Southerners out there, I being from Alabama, most notable is prolly the movie Forrest Gump. The "Left" often looks at us racist dimwits, however, I've heard from some on the "Right" that we are looked at as almost alt-right fascists. So, tell me Professor Peterson what are your views on us in the Southern identity?

Contending with Postmodernism

What advice would you give to a 19-year-old seminarian who believes in Absolute Truth surrounded by postmodernists? Is it possible to speak Truth silently via Being?

Future JBP

Will you ever return to academia? Or will you just continue writing books and podcast for the years to come?

Is there hope for academia?

You talk a lot about how certain parts of academia have been corrupted by identity politics. Yet, I see no better alternative process for truth-discovery than academia. Is there any hope academia's central function can be restored?