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Does the future authoring program work if you have BPD?

I heard you say that BPD is a disorder where people are unable to implement any solution and it rings completely true to me. I'm very smart, I can tell you exactly what the problem is, and I can tell you what I can do to fix it, but it seems completely useless because it stays in the stratosphere of reflection; it's disconnected from an actual acting self. My psychiatrist said he's concerned I'll fail the BPD program (even though I haven't started yet) so I'm looking for alternative solutions.

Could you interview Dutch politician Pieter Omtzigt?

I've been cynical about politicians most of my life, but he almost single-handedly changed my mind. A true civil servant, with oceans of wisdom and experience, as well as a great set of values. A bit like you, he was persecuted for his opinions, but stuck to his principles and has gained a lot of respect. A real role-model, I hope he'll run for office one day. You can ask him about anything, he's very well-spoken, of course Dutch farmers are a hot topic right now. Would love to see him get some appreciation and share some wisdom.