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What is the process to begin consulting to a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist like you back in the day? Do you need to see a doctor first? Does insurance pay?

What is the process to begin consulting to a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist like you back in the day? Do you need to see a doctor first? Does insurance pay?

I can't get a word in with more extraverted (assertive) people. They take all the space and are not looking for a response. What can I do about that?

Is there a good counter argument to "there is no such thing as truth"?

What is truth? And can it be proven to be objective and undeniable?

Have you tried alternatives to music?

Hi Dr Jordan Peterson, I suppose there is no disagreement on the beauty of music, but ever since I've seen your video (1) about how you were not able to listen to music because it was too jarring after your sickness, it reminded me of how I went through the same thing after a huge psychotic episode and a traumatic event whose effects lasted for 2 years or the like, without music. So then, I came across Hamza Yusuf's commentary about Music (2) which uncovered for me a new perspective on Music and thus helped me understand to some degree what the potential reasons behind my new response to Music could be. Also, it helped me "find an alternative" to Music --so to say, that I want to share with you in empathy, as I found the line that you said: "the river dried up" to be heavy on me, and I hope that you find and connect to higher beauty and that your river overflows. Time had it so that when watched Hamza Yusuf's video about Music (2) I realized that perhaps I should "clean my sound room" and reset things, including to --some degree, taste! I started listening to Quran recitations from Al Minshawi, which was very heavy and was overall on a complete different note, a note --mind you, that I did not find pleasant prior. After a few tries, I realized a neutralizing and calming feeling has taken over me such that If I listen to any music, say a ringtone even, I can feel how it "spoils" that sound harmony I had inside after listening to that recitation. Only a few distinct "angelic" sounds and tunes were exempt from this. I could see the effects of music and why it was all of a sudden "jarring". I was more present and felt more presence, and Music kind of took me out of that for a minute, which I found unbearable during those tough times. I'd argue that I perhaps was at a more innocent state within me, one of higher clarity and higher sensitivity --it's very clear how some suffering purifies you of the old wood. Naturally then, Music started to feel to me as if it was just adding more wood to burn. But then, by that measure! any "sounds" that were in alignment with my new internal state, that I did not find jarring, and weren't Music in the traditional sense, were, let's say, more aligned with truth (How do you fit beauty into that I do not know but carrying on). A few recitations a day rendered the sound of birds and wind an invocation of presence never ever have I heard before, although it was all in my face. Now, it could also just be the fact that my nervous system was too fried after my sickness, and that's the only reason I could not pursue more complex Music and there was nothing religious to it, but it could very well be that because of this and because of how my system was trying to exert the least amount of effort possible to recover (so no complex music processing) has allowed me to "clean" my sound room and do away with the old wood to truly discover beauty in its truth. It's an invitation to live through a personal experience of your own choice, maybe just hymns or Acapella, or both and add some Quran in there too, because why not, to restore your river. Cheers, (1): Jordan Peterson on Music: (2): Hamza Yusuf's commentary on Music:

Are we becoming a devouring mother society

Could the movement of western society towards a preoccupation with safety and the prevention of offence, be a consequence of an increased feminine participation in decision making in government and institutions? Could this lead to a “devouring mother” totalitarian state which controls our speech, thoughts and actions in order to protect everyone?