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When will you do the podcast with Hamza Yusuf?

Last year you tweeted that the podcast with Hamza Yusuf will be rescheduled (I think because of health problems) yet it still hasn't been posted. When will it be rescheduled, or recorded and if it's been recorded, when will it be posted? A lot of muslims are very excited to see him come on –and were very disappointed when it was canceled– as they believe he is the best representative of Islam. Also you guys think in similar ways, you believe in many of the same ideals and that would make a great conversation. (I think you guys would make very good friends immediately like what happened when Robert Greene came on your podcast because of those reasons :) ) Here are some questions I think you should ask him: Does Islam separate church from state? Why do we see a rise of extremism in the Muslim world? (ask If you're brave enough take on the leftists and ask that lol). What are the rights and responsibilities of a husband and the rights and responsibilities of a wife (I think this will clear up a lot of misconceptions people may have of Islam being sexist.) (If you want to do research yourself here are a few lectures on that you can watch: Roles of husbands and wives in Islam “Please don’t fight you spouse after this khutba - khutba by Nouman Ali Khan (31:33): Responsibilities of husbands to their wives in Islam “Are You the Husband Allah Describes? - Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan” (28:43): What are the rights of women in Islam? (a lot of this will be answered when you ask the question above but not everything). What does islam say about how muslims should treat non-muslims? What are the similarities between Christianity and Judaism and Islam (we believe that in order to build bridges between us and non-muslims we need to talk about the similarities between our religions before talking about the differences). What do you think makes an Islamaphobe? Why are there Islamaphobes and how were they made? How should muslims react when people insult your religion or commit hate crimes against muslims? You should also talk to him about particles/atoms because you wonder what God sees when he looks at an object. Whether he sees the object or the particles. He has answers to this question because Muslims have an atomic theory. If you can't get hold of Hamza Yusuf here are other scholars you can talk to: (btw I don't think you've talked to any scholars yet. Muhammad Hijab isn't a scholar. He's very knowledgeable in Islam and I don't think you shouldn't trust him because he's not a scholar but I think the podcast you did with him wasn't very productive because he didn't have the right answers to some of your questions. I don't know if that other person you talked to is a scholar. Also Ayaan Hirsi Ali is in no way a scholar. She has spent over a decade of her life lying about islam, so if you care about the truth –which I know you do– you wouldn't trust her.) (this a list that is put in order of best scholar in my opinion at the top and not as good but still very knowledgeable scholars at the bottom.) Hamza Yusuf, Timothy Winter, Omar Suleiman, Yasir Qadi, Nouman Ali Khan (he technically isn't a scholar in that he doesn't have a degree but he is as knowledgeable as one), Zaid Shakir, Mufti Menk, Yusuf Estes, Fred M. Donner (expert in early islam) P.S. all of these scholars have many lectures online about Islam so you can always go watch them P.P.S I love you and many Muslims love you and are very grateful to you that you are genuinely curious about islam and are willing to admit you are ignorant and have honest conversations with people who are more knowledgeable than you. We are used to ignorant people who only know lies about islam talking about it as if they are experts, and mocking islam and muslims for following it, or for defending/telling the truth about it. It's refreshing, and brings me a lot of hope to see a non-muslim trying to do what you are doing. I don't want to say "let's build some bridges" because the bridges are already there (our religions are very similar). We just need to find them and be willing to cross them. Also I'm sorry if this was difficult to read. I tried to organize it but I saw when I posted it, I saw that it didn't look the way I wrote it (example: the spaces I added between the lines weren't there) ily mwa lol

Are my OCEAN scores possible?

Hello Dr. Peterson. I'm not sure if my personality score is possible. I have taken the OCEAN test from Understand Myself, and these are my scores: Openness to Experience-94th (Intellect-89th, Openness-90th), Conscientiousness-87th (Industriousness-44th, Orderliness-98th), Extraversion-2nd (Enthusiasm-6th, Assertiveness-4th), Agreeableness-88th (Compassion-66th, Politeness-96th), Neuroticism-97th (Withdrawal-97th, Volatility-93rd). I know that you have said elsewhere that people high in Conscientiousness tend to be low in Openness and vice versa. Is it possible to be high in both, or am I lying to myself somehow? I exhibit traits of Conscientiousness (particularly Orderliness). My room is VERY organized, and I have a daily schedule. I also exhibit characteristics of Openness. I have written two novel-length stories, numerous poems, etc. I am 17 years old, a Sophomore in College, and very confused about what to do with my life. I am very interested in numerous things (philosophy, religion, psychology, architecture, accounting, law, chemistry, writing, cosmetology, music, and math), which I know has to do with Openness to Experience. However, I love my routine and don't like the idea of veering too far from a schedule. I get bored often if I don't have a lot of stimuli, but I am prone to bouts of depressive behavior and dark thoughts when I get too far away from a routine. Do you have any advice or know what I should do?

Can you please interview the creators of LetterKenny?

We would love to hear an interview between a couple of hyper literate rural Canadians boys. It would be fun but also interesting to hear Jared Kesso’s take on literacy and male ambition as a former junior hockey player from small town Ontario that has made it in television.

Gratitude and Bravery

Hi Dr. Peterson. I've been practicing gratitude with surprising benefits in many areas of life, including empathy and responsibility. You suggested that gratitude is an act of bravery, with which I agree. But why is the default human response to life to choose what is not brave and not grateful? Is it fear? Is there something about avoiding bravery that offers comfort even though the alternative keeps us from connecting or finding love?

3 mile island

Do you remember 3 mile island. With the no nuke protests and everyone worried about cancer and big energy lying to them. Do you ever feel like life is a skipping record. Thank you for everything you do.