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Greek etymological translations

For-nic-ation Support, victory of the people, add action. Is that post modernism? Somehow the church made it about sexual activity. All biblical script supports the Greek etymological definition. It was written in Greek.

Advice for rescuing the father, and did the father make a mistake?

I have heard you describe the concept of rescuing the father through the story of Pinocchio several times, and this piece alluded me until now. Listening to it again on your podcast's episode 250, I both see what I didn't understand, and the question it now begs. A struggle I have with my parents is that they are set in their ways, and have a somewhat dogmatic response to a lot of their beliefs. I see the struggle they are in to make sense of the world that is new and continually updated, while their internal mechanisms to keep themselves updated have not kept up. In some sense I'm concerned I will end up the same way, holding onto beliefs that need to be updated. On the other hand, it's difficult to relate to my parents when in a sense they are stuck in their ways which are in the past as far as the world is concerned. I would like to as the story of Horrus suggests, give them an eye to see the world, but continually run into the dead part of their beliefs that are somewhat an auto-response for them. Perhaps understanding the piece of rescuing the father, falling into place now, will work its way into my interactions with them, and work itself out. Any advice on how to be more intentional (if that's desirable) about it would be appreciated. Back to the fear of becoming like the father. Is this a natural part of life? We develop heuristics to interact with the world, and rely on them for so long we forget we're using them, then the heuristic fails because it's based on variables that change, and then we just get stuck? We forget how to contend with those origin variables that we don't even see them anymore? Or can we operate in a way that is continually renewing, so that we don't let our beliefs get outdated?

Where is truth?

Why only Alexander solzhnetsyn? Why not Julian Assanje? Why not Prof. John Mearsheimer? Why not everything NATO did against all the countries,like Serbia which even UN World court was against? I love you,thank you for saving my life but why is truth only the West's story,since you said west's culture is of truth?

Demonic Possession

What's your thoughts on demonic possession and the exorcisms done in the catholic church?


How does one learn about personality psychology? I'm stuck referencing things you have told me through out the insane amount of JBP content I have consumed. I also feel afraid citing your stuff. College is scary to me.