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Would you have time for a 5 hours of conversation and what is your charge rate? I would like to tell you something personal and I would like us to discuss a common subject. Please either reply here, so we can arrange a meeting, or send an email to Thank you. Best wishes, Jasna

Potential Podcast Guest

Would you consider doing an episode with Peter Zeihan? It would be very interesting to hear you bounce off each other, considering his extreme macro view and your focus on the individual.

Abandoning small towns

Dr. Peterson, You speak a lot about small rural towns in America and Canada. I hear you say quite often that we should stop telling people that these small depressed rural towns are coming back. I take issue with this because many of these small rural places are heavily based in agricultural and food production. My question is, where do you believe that most of Americas food will come from if we abandon small agricultural towns? The experiment of ushering farmers and ranchers into cities has been tried, and it ended with millions of people starving to death. Our family is a ranching family in a small rural American town and for us moving to town would be soul crushing. I feel like I am suffocating in big cities. My calling and meaning life is tending animals and the land and producing good healthy food for America. You have changed my life (for the better) and been more influential than anyone else in my life, I respect you immensely and have listened to hundreds, if not thousands of hours of podcasts and interviews in hopes you’d answer this question. Thank you so much for what you do, I am eternally grateful for what I have learned from you.

Do you have any advice on networking?

I recognize is essential for my career as a banker but it feels wrong to judge the worthiness of other people for my network and then pursue a relationship on that basis. I have an immature attitude towards network. Can you offer any advice for overcoming my feelings?

Nature of God

In your college lectures you've asked your students what does a God who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent lack? Your answer is "he lacks limitation". I’ve thought about this a bit and I think that's incorrect. I think God is bounded by the laws of nature and there for has limitations. I don't think he can muck around with those laws without there being serious consequences. Plus I don't think God can produce falsehoods, which is what would happen if he starts changing natural laws. With that being said there is a natural law called the Transitive Property of Equality, which states if A=B and B=C then A must equal C. So if Christ is a God and Chrsit was a man, then God must be man. So my question is; What are the limitations of a God who is a man? Or better yet, considering statements you have made concerning the upper limits of someone who truly got their act together and what would their life be like? Could an individual transend themselves into a deity? I would love your thoughts on that and thank you for your time.