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Meet and Greet question

How will the "meet and greet" section of the tour go? I have a ticket for May 24 in Toronto and was wondering what the schedule will be. Is it before or after the lecture/talk? How long is it for? Are book signings available? Etc

Thoughts on SSRIs

I’m aware there are various YouTube clips available in which you share some thoughts on SSRIs, however these seem to be fairly old now. I’m wondering if you could share your current thoughts on the pros and cons of the various ways they are used, and if your illness has changed your thoughts on pharmaceutical interventions. Many Thanks

Past Authoring Difficulty, Childhood Trauma

Every time I approach the past authoring it becomes very difficult to progress due to reliving early childhood trauma. How do you recommend I proceed? Thank you.

How do you learn to forgive your own mistakes?

Ive been improving a lot recently but I ended up making a mistake and hurting people in my family that matter a lot to me, how do I learn to forgive myself while listening to their misgivings?

Helping a partner with depression

My partner has been struggling with depression for many years and sometimes I feel lost with what to say and do to help when she occasionally starts feeling and saying negative things. I support and encourage her to pursue her goals no matter how small, but sometimes I feel I am not doing enough to help. I love (and like) her deeply and want to be able to do more in helping her deal with her depression. She doesn't harbour any negative feelings towards me and knows I really want to help, her issues stem from her feeling that she is inadequate, and constantly not achieving what others around her are. Any advice you can give is truly appreciated. Thank you for all your impactful work Dr Peterson.