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Beware of Unearned Wisdom...

Dr. Jordan Peterson, seven years ago I had a religious experience that was in the beginning overwhelmingly terrifying, profound, and all-consuming but in the same experience cosmically unifying, unconditionally loving, and fantastically bliss-full. My words fail in describing the experience but the shortest way I can characterize this experience without going into too much detail is by a phrase being, "The day I walked with God. It took six of them seven years to fully understand the experience (to the extent I have) but before the experience I meditated on a question I wanted hypothetically "answered" and that question being, What is it all about? The "it" being human life and existence. Again without going into too much detail basically what the experience taught me and the wisdom I was gifted and/or cursed with was, (whatever you do in life, commit fully or in other words, get off the damn fence or you're going to miss this beautiful experience called life by wallowing in your dreadful suffering directly induced by your lack of ability to commit to anything!) I had so many interests at a young age I was pulled in so many different directions so I never fully committed to anything. At that time of my life (time of the experience) and especially in the years afterwards I wasn't in a good place in many ways largely because of my own doing and/or lack of doing or lack of committing. Furthermore because I had obsoletely zero religious substructure (ideologically speaking) to put this experience I was sent into a whirlwind of obsession seeking to descover the why of existence and the meaning of life in a misguided way with little to no success. That was until I came into your work and something about it, (largely being your biblical lectures) helped that experience click into focus for me, helped me understand it at a ever deeper, more significant, more applicable level. I believe what these experiences do for people is present the wisdom of the Ideal per se and everything the Ideal consist of but just in a personalized condensed experiential form, but in my case because I was so far away from everything the ideal implies I had absolutely nowhere to put it, no way of understanding it, no ability to grasp the teachings within in it and apply them or in other words because I was presented with at that time "unearned wisdom" I was sent into that whirlwind I explained above. My question is, what do you think about my diagnosis of the warning in the phrase "Beware of Unearned Wisdom"? Also could you go more in depth of your view of why this phrase/ideal is so important?

Anti-Bullying and The Current Online Climate

For probably 2 decades or more here in the states, we've had a great focus in our schools to stop bullying with at least moderate success. However, it seems like on social media and even in society at large, bullying and attacks have gotten worse in our adult population. I've long thought that while bullying is overall a bad thing it also has lessons to teach us whether we are the bullied or the bully. I'm curious on your thoughts on this, and if you think there is indeed a correlation between the two. Thanks!

Was Kane an unsocialized child?

I know someone who is perfectly described by you as having border line personality disorder. After watching and listening closely I believe she has no bond with the future or the past. She understands them intellectually but they hold no weight in how she acts in the world and possibly perceives them as an obstacle as apposed to a tool. All she has is her feelings. So I believe she is Kane as her sacrifices are given begrudgingly or to make her feel good in the moment and she is shamed greatly by others ability to make those sacrifices. Also her rage and fury are terrifying as she is always on the hill she is prepared to die on because there are no other hills In her perception

Trudeau, Communist?

Do you think that Justin Trudeau is leading Canada towards communism?

Was mathematics invented or discovered?

Do you think math was invented or discovered?