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Do you think we can build bridges between Jews, Christians and Muslims?

I've noticed that when you talk about whether Jews, Christians and Muslims will be able to build bridges, you seem doubtful. (you make a face that makes it look like you're constipated heheheh) I think Jews Christians and Muslims can DEFINITELY build bridges. Muslims scholars/leaders, Jewish scholars/leaders and Christian scholars/leaders are already talking, making great friendships, the Christian and Jews understand that islam isn't misogynistic and it doesn't promote violence or any of the things that islam has been accused of in the media since 911 and by people like; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Apostate Prophet and Sam Harris, and they are growing to genuinely respect each other. Even in the past, the Jews, Christians and Muslims got along. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), when the muslims were forced to move to Medina, Muhammad made a treaty with the Christians and jews. The treaty said "For you is your religion and for me is mine" and "If one group of people (who sign this treaty) is oppressed, then the rest of us will get together and fight for that group". Also the first group of Muslims who fled from the persecution of the Meccans went to Abyssinia, where they had a just Christian ruler. They were able to practice Islam freely under him, and were great friends with him. The Muslims were very grateful to him, and we still are to this day. Also in the Ottoman Empire the Jews could practice their religion freely. So to me it's clear that we can build bridges. Christians, Muslims and Jews have been friends in the past, we lived within each others countries and were able to practice our religion without any persecution and even today there are Christians, Muslims and Jews who are friends. Do you think now, after hearing all this, that Muslims, Christians and Jews can build bridges?

When is the Hamza Yusuf podcast going to be released

About a year ago you scheduled a podcast with Hamza Yusuf and it was canceled because (I think) you were sick. Have you guys rescheduled it? If so, when will it come out. Also please do more than 1 podcast with him. They will be so interesting. You guys are like minded people and I'm sure you will want to talk to him more. Also he's so knowledgeable that you can't just have 1 conversation with him.

Fight Club movie/Book

I had asked questions on Prof.John Mearsheimer and fool proof understandmyself test. Sorry,I apologise for asking one more,I hope not to take a lot of your time. You had once expressed your views on Fight Club,a childhood favourite of mine,would you be willing to give a longer or better explanation after looking into the video "fight club&Nietzsche:overcoming emasculation" by antioptic and the author Chuck Palahnuiks view on it in JRE and maybe a metaphorical explanation like for lion King,Pinocchio as it is a more relevant movie for the modern men in a sense,I love what you do with Carl Jungs works.Thanks❤️

Future authoring question

Hi Dr Peterson. I'm trying to do the future authoring program and really like your message to millennials video. The first step is orientate yourself to the good, I don't think I'm a good person and I don't know what's good for me. I've seen you say to do the future authoring badly in terms of writing and effort but will the program still work if I aim towards something like the good since I don't know how to identify it. Secondly do I need an aim before reading the books recommended or will just reading them do good. Thanks

Rock, star, human

Ever found use in astrological perspectives on personality? How could the big five and astrology work together to help tell people how to live their life?