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PLEASE HELP/ADVICE for a Functional Addict and Becoming Everything One Could Be

To keep this question as concise as I can, I'll give a brief intro. I'm 25 and I work in investment banking - a field I chose mainly for economic reasons but don't find very meaningful. During the week I am able to work and be engaged in productive tasks all day long (work, exercise, reading, etc.) but once the weekend hits I have an urge to party, consume alcohol, and do cocaine. It has progressively gotten to the point where it is having a detrimental effect on my health and potential. Other than that, my life is relatively going quite well so I haven't had a big enough "rock bottom" moment to shock me out of this weekend pattern of behavior and my conscience berates me every night for not being everything I could be. Dr. Peterson, do you have any advice for myself or someone in a similar situation?; How can one find a sense of meaning deep enough to shake off their bad habits/addictions?

Is there such thing as too much trauma or do you believe people can overcome anything and live a healthy life

I watched my father killed in front of me by a home intruder and I had every excuse to escape into victim hood but that only gives the illusion of fulfillment except your always looking for someone to blame your life problems on. All the JP lectures and books have made an incredible impact in my life and I feel like I have control of my life but sometimes I wonder if there's been to much damage done and It could all be in vain, what are your opinions?

Speaking up when agreeable

Dear Dr. JBP. When I saw the video of Mounties riding into peaceful protestors on Parliament hill, and the accounts of veterans who were beaten by police I thought of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Specifically I thought "what may I have done to contribute to this thing happening in the country I love?" I need to mention that its only because of you that I know who Aleksandr is. I came to the conclusion that one way I might be involved is by holding my tongue when I hear someone say something I believe to be falls. I've decided to no longer hold my tongue, but it's been difficult as I'm fairly high in agreeableness. How do you manage, when you also say you don't like conflict?

Wokeness on repeat

Every effort toward diversity, inclusion, and entitled equity is a repeat of Eden's serpent event with devastating results on humanity. So why does every iteration of wokeness throughout history think, "We'll get it right this time"?

Do you miss teaching?

Do you miss teaching? What do you miss about it? What aspects do you not miss about it?