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Spiritual homeostatis theory (or 'why is the universe out to get me?')

Ever notice how the better you are doing at something, or the more good and loving you are, the more the universe seems to conspire against you to bring you down? Risk compensation theory, a la the late (brilliant) Dr. Gerrit (Gerry) Wilde, Professor Emeritus of Psychology from Queen’s University Kingston, explains why people take on more risk when they are feeling comfortable, with things often ending badly (e.g. car seatbelts, and space shuttle O-rings). His theories seem extendable to a variety of human behaviours. I often wonder if they apply at some deeper level again, affecting even the balance of good and evil in the world, in a society perhaps, or in ourselves as individuals. Do you have any thoughts on this, or have come across any theories that might explain it?


What's your thoughts on tattoos? What should be the thought process on getting one?

Near Death Experience

What are your thought about Near Death Experience ? I found it fascinating , I love watching videos of people who experienced it talking about what they have encountered and how it changed there lives. It has answered so many questions in my mind.

Evolutionary Basis for Impossibility of Independent Judgment

Is there any evidence that it is evolutionarily adaptive for the majority not to employ independent judgment, but instead, once subconsciously perceiving that one is not the smartest individual, to subconsciously seek out the smartest individual as the authority, to subconsciously suppress individual independent judgment, and to feel motivated to suppress independent judgment in others not identified with the authority - precisely because the second-best solution to problems is nearly valueless compared to the best solution, and once the best solution is found by the smartest individual (the authority) then strong coordination of activity by the group is best suited to solve the problem? If so, might this mechanism explain observed patterns on social media?

Secondhand Lions

Has Jordan seen SecondHand Lions and if so, what does he make of the story and the characters? Looking for a Pinocchio style breakdown here.