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Feser's Proofs of God

Edward Feser has written a great book called 'Five Proofs for the Existence of God'. In this book, he lays out five proofs of the existence of God from what he calls first principles. They are not his own arguments, they are taken from Aristotle, Plato, Augustine, Leibniz etc however he does formulate them in a very modern and accessible way. I am wondering -- what do you think of such proofs of God, in general, and what do you think of his formulations of these arguments in particular? Do you think the premise that it is possible to prove the existence of God via reason is even valid? Anthony Rizzi would likely argue that is it based on naturalistic grounds, but what do you think? Is Rizzi's argument of the primacy of intellect, vis-a-vis our fundamental reliance on our senses, valid? Also -- would you ever consider having Edward Feser on your podcast?

How to overcome fear of judgement

I fear the judgement of those close to me. I hear them gossip about others, and don’t want that to happen to me. I can rationalize the meaninglessness of it. Knowing it does not define me as they do not know what is in my heart. Yet I fear being looked at differently or JUDGED for my thoughts & words? For these reasons I want to move out of my parents home, and my city. I feel my current position lacks opportunity & the space needed for growth. Im 23 & want to leave. But my parents are traditional in the sense I must marry before leaving. I want to carve my own path & define myself. How can one overcome fear of judgement from their own family, community & friends? I believe the answer lies somewhere in the notion of confidence. That competence inspires confidence. I know that I must submit to being a fool before I can be a master. Yet I don’t know how to solve this problem. It is something I think about with almost all of my spare time… I have your self authoring suite but have yet to complete it… Any insight Dr. Peterson?


Would you be interested in writing an autobiography? Something like Jungs “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections”? I would love to read it.

Meaning for Gay and Infertile people

Hello Dr. Peterson, Do you know of any stories or theorists that offer guidance to people who can’t have children? Someone better than Foucault?

podcast guests from the Canadian political left

Are you familiar with BC Liberal MLA Ellis Ross or Former Liberal MP Dan McTeague? They are two politicians from the Canadian political left, that if you could convince to come on your show, could make for great conversations and an opportunity to narrow the gap of political polarization.