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How to become dangerous?

You mentioned that the way to become dangerous is largely through the "logos" and mastering your speech. Can you please expand on that?

Fluidity in Personality

My question is that the person I am in public is different than the person I am with my close ones. I am way more assertive with people I trust and very agreeable in the realm of unpredictability. I believe agreeableness is a learned behavior from childhood, however, assertiveness is also a learned behavior from learning about conflict resolution..etc. The problem is that I seem to adapt to my surroundings quickly and my personality changes in small or even big ways depending on who I am with? Also, my mindset at the moment can determine my personality. For example, when I am solving problems, I tend to be assertive, blunt, and straightforward. When I am comforting a friend, I am compassionate, soft, and beat around the bush... lol. I guess my question is can a personality be fluid? Especially since there are so many external and internal factors that can change someone's mindset/habits/personality.

What does it mean if my life defies my personality traits?

I took the understand myself five factor personality assessment and scored on the extremes of the ranges: Agreeableness 92nd Conscientiousness: 0th Extraversion 28th Neuroticism 26th Openness 96th Until age 25, I was an uneducated musician / actor happy to sleep in and scrape by. I then married and felt the call of responsibility. 20 years later I am an accomplished software consulting executive working long days and weekends and talking on an average of 7 hours of phone calls per day including difficult negotiations of conflict. And I enjoy my job and don’t feel drained after a 12 hour challenging day. Almost none of the predicted negative outcomes from my results seem to be manifested in my life. Did I somehow answer dishonestly? Do I not know myself well? Or is it possible I overcame extreme personality preferences somehow? I don’t know what to make of the contradiction.

How to Read the Bible Like You Do

The way that you are able to translate the archaic ancient stories of the bible into graspable pearls of wisdom for the modern age is uniquely brilliant and special. How might someone attempt to grapple with an ancient text like the Bible themselves and attempt to pull out pearls of wisdom in the manner which you are able to do so? Do you have any tips/advice? You often speak of the importance of wrestling with these vital texts oneself (so as not to just be a puppet for repeating viewpoints), but how would you advise someone to do it as awesomely/profoundly as Jordan Peterson does it?

The future.

Dr. Peterson, you have inspired me and millions of others. There will come a day when you are no longer with us, and many others like you won't be here. To the ones that follow you who will stand on your shoulders, what advice do you have?