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Length of Questions

Good day, Any chance your question forum could have a limit on the number of characters used in the question? It is difficult to scan and vote on monstrously long winded questions.

Advice for a single father.

Hello Dr Peterson, I particularly enjoy your advice on parenting and as a single father to a 5 year old boy, your words have been extremely useful to me. Most research into children raised by single-parents is focused on children raised by single mothers, however I wandered if you could comment on the possible emotional / psychological problems that a child may experience due to being raised by a single-father, with zero or very limited contact with their biological mother? What advice would you give to a single-father in that situation?


I am Dr, Khalid Tagafi. McMaster Univ. . postgraduate. I live in Saudi Arabia . I have learned a lot from you . Just, i want to say Thanks . ( Million Thanks) Sincerely. Khalid Tagafi

How to know when you work too much?

Hello Jordan, I'm a self-employed artist in my twenties. I've heard you talk about how people should test their limits and work as hard as they can, to find where their boundaries are. I've taken that advice to heart and gradually improved my ability to work harder and more efficiently. But as with all things in life, when you work a lot you start getting used to it. The more I work, the less I feel as if I'm accomplishing something, because it has become my "normality". I can always tell when I work too little, because I start feeling useless, but where is the upper limit? Have you ever encountered such a problem? How do you deal with your work/life balance? I want to be successful and I love the challenge, but also don't want to be burned out, which has happened a couple of times now already.

Answering Marxist’s Proposed “Solutions” to Pareto Distribution with just one Scripture passage

Dr. Peterson, I was listening to your Conversation with the Russian and began to think about the 6th chapter of the New Testament book called Galatians. In the first five verses, the author says the each person should bear his own load (which seems to imply daily responsibilities) and simultaneously says that each one of us who is mature / spiritual should bear one another’s burdens (which seems to imply an undue or an unusual amount of temporary stress). Could this insight be the answer to the Marxists’ claim that government and society “have to” do something? We who love individual responsibilities agree that something has to done, but the question is how much. If we were able to communicate with anyone confused by the Pareto Distribution’s effect on the lowest who have nothing, couldn’t we argue that one major role of society and government is to answer this question by debating and determining what “load” each person is responsible for personally and what “burden” the rest of us shoulder when an individual suffers too much (as decided by any society and at that particular moment in that society’s existence)? Thank you!