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My brother is becoming a nihilist

Although raised religious home, my older adult brother recently decided to become an atheist, and a skeptic of anything that isn't able to be physically proven by science. He is convinced that all religious people are poor critical thinkers, and all religion through history has just been a tool to oppress others. He is an intelligent and successful computer programmer, with a large family and several children. He spends all of his free time playing video or board games. He is quite low in agreeableness, and quite high in openness. He is convinced that in the next few decades AI will change the world, and science will "cure" old age and death. I shared with him how important it seems (to me) that society is moored to a strong moral foundation, to prevent the drift that can result in nihilistic self destruction and crimes against humanity. He just boiled down his philosophy for world peace to people have to "respect that which deserves respect." I have challenged how subjective that is, like Auschwitz guards could claim they followed that perfectly, but regardless, he just intends to follow the majority morality, as he believes they are usually right and humane. He admits he doesn't believe there is any purpose or meaning to life. Where do you START with someone like that, to help them see how disastrously risky that could be for individuals and society? Or, is he just doomed to eventually encounter extreme suffering, and then realize he should abandon his nihilism? His philosophy seems to be growing in popularity. Thank you Dr. Peterson, I am so pleased to see you active and involved again, your work is a blessing in my life.

Eating disorders and modern diet issues.

What do you know about the psychology of eating disorders. I struggle with over eating. I treat is as though it is a lack discipline. I then feel bad for eating too much, then I eat more, back and forth creating a cycle. This has lead to dangerous un planned 3-5day fasts to binge eating till its too painful to keep going. What do you think could help me work on fixing this problem.

Church authority

I want to be involved in a local church because it fosters fellowship around a love of God, people, life, & truth. However, the local church has traditionally assumed the role of a top-down explicit moral authority (e.g. “Johnny, you cant live with your girlfriend and be a Christian”). In contrast, it seems like psychologists (yourself included) assume the role of a moral peer: they rarely tell people what to do but instead describe the real consequences of behaviors while respecting & believing in the individual by leaving it up to their own conscience & reasoning to make decisions. Has the church fundamentally crossed a boundary in this regard, or is there something genuinely good about having a central moral authority in your community?

What can romantically unsuccessful men do?

I am a young male who has had near zero success romantically besides one past relationship, I have found after exploring the sexual landscape that partners who hold traditional upstanding values have near disappeared at my age, the majority of women hold some form of left leaning ideology which of course isn’t necessarily a bad thing however I find myself getting along with them on a level further than playful flirting near impossible due to the temperamental and opinion differences. The women my age (>21 btw) have an increasingly worrying problem. With the normalisation of abandoning sexual conservatism and normalising sex work (OnlyFans) Women have made themselves unappealing to men for long term relationships due to their high number of sexual partners and even increased proclivity to cheat which i have seen being advertised and encouraged to young women on the new social media for youngsters “TikTok”. The young women i have encountered only sleep with a tiny portion of the hyper attractive and successful men repeatedly leaving the vast majority of us to turn to internet porn instead of pursuing real women due to how impossible it is for anyone except the minority to be able to even have a chance at engaging in a relationship with these women. I really don’t see a solution for any of this and I’m losing faith in any possibility of fulfilling romantic relationships for me and other men like me?

How to get over hoarding?

I've struggled with hoarding all my life. When I go to clean my room in an attempt to sort my life out, I'm constantly bombarded with thoughts that something terrible will happen if I throw certain items away, even if I know that they are meaningless and that I haven't looked at them for years. Intellectually I know it's my neurotic hoarding making me feel this way but it doesn't make the experience of struggling to throw belongings away any less excruciating. Do you have any advice for how to manage this?