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Graham Hancock

Are you familiar of the work done by Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, and if so, what are your thoughts of the continually mounting evidence of past (and forgotten, at least in part) of advanced civilizations of our past?

Dr. Andrew Huberman's Protocols

Your impact on the mental well-being of many is akin to Dr. Andrew Huberman's impact on the physical well-being of many. I have a specific ask: Dr. Huberman sometimes does a bit of a "super episode" whereas he shares actual protocols people can do in real life to improve xyz. Could you share a similar episode where you share clinical psychological protocols which may help people? I believe you could cover basics, like the widely accepted suggestion for depressed people to take a quality fish oil or two given its anti-depressant effects for example, to a range of other protocols which you have picked up over your lifetime. Your ability to translate a lot of complex topics down to what can be understood is second to none, and I have no doubt this would be a valuable episode for many. That would really be cool. As well as getting around to hosting Dr. Huberman. Looking forward to seeing you speak in person again next month in Boston, Doc. - sgmdotis

How to know if someone is taking advantage?

Hi Dr. Peterson. How do you tell the difference between whether someone is taking unfair advantage of you/bullying you (for example a work colleague) vs. if you're being rather thin-skinned and overly sensitive about something you should take on the chin? I find this hard as I'm 95th percentile agreeableness + neuroticism (not to mention male), so it's hard to discern whether my agreeableness is being used against me or if my concerns are distorted projections from my neuroticism. Any clues to help tell the difference would be immensely helpful. Thanks so much & hope you are well.


I’m having some trouble reconciling yours and Jonathan Pageau’s conception of the Logos. Is the Logos the highest ideal at the top of the hierarchy and transcanding it? Or is the Logos the process that produces the distinction between high and low in the first place? And if the second, is that why Jonathan Pageau insists that Christ is not at the top of the hierarchy but stretches out through the whole hierarchy?

Debt Crisis

Hello Dr.Peterson. I have been watching your videos on YouTube and you recently talked about bitcoin and the debt crisis that plagues most western nations. Have you looked into Austrian economics (a school of thought) and its predictions for the future? Austrian economists such as Peter Schiff who predicted the 2008 crash foresee very dark times ahead.