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How am I to know that my own personal answers/truths to my own questions aren't/are just conjecture?

Mezzo narrative

I find myself in the strange professional position of attempting to sew divides within our community. We’ve made some headway in reviving good faith discussions in public space (with much help from you and other IDW inspirations). We’ve run head first into what I think is a narrative issue. Groups within our city have unwittingly abandoned, forgotten or outright rejected local values and culture in favor of those of their chosen digital community. Is it hubristic to believe we might purposefully adjust which parts of our history were important? We’ve been telling a narrative version of our history publicly and it is well received. The narrative itself conforms to some structure and archetypes you might expect and frames our city as a protagonist. Does breaking the fourth wall in this case ruin the effectiveness of the idea? Is this irresponsible as an experiment? Is there a path back to our older values or must we find somewhere new? Even general thoughts on this would be helpful. I have no sounding board or interlocutor to help me find the parts I’m surely messing up or missing entirely. Thank you so much for the all of your hard work. Good luck and good health on the tour.

Identifying the voice of conscience

Hi Dr. Peterson. How do you identify the voice of conscience within you? How does this differ from say anxious or fearful thoughts that could be confused with the voice of conscience? Thanks Dr. Peterson - lovely to see you back on your feet. Best wishes from New Zealand.

How do we know what we find meaningful to pursue?

Hi Dr. Peterson, I hope you’re doing well. Your lectures have inspired and helped me improve my life so I thank you for your help. This question relates to career choice/pursuing passion (predicated on the idea that they are one in the same). I’m curious as to how we know what we find to be meaningful and therefore pursue in our lives? Is it whatever we do/like most? I’d like to use a professional chess player as an example. Do you think they lead meaningful lives? And if so why do they find playing chess full time meaningful? Is it their love for the game that fulfills them and therefore meaning is a feeling (i.e. love for something)? I picked this example because this career path is vastly different than a farmer for instance whose labor and fields grow produce that feeds a nation or an educator whose teachings influence generations. Furthermore, is meaning something that is subjective or objective? Or both? And how would each be defined? Thank you Dr. Peterson! Looking forward to learning more.

Why don’t people take what’s meaningful seriously

I have so many friends, coworkers, family members, etc. who avoid and dismiss any deep or meaningful conversations about life. I’ve sent people your videos, I’ve brought up conversations about how suffering requires sustaining meaning, all with the intention of it helping someone the way it has helped me and it’s dismissed as an adult dismissing a child’s wild imagination and It is sort of bothersome