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Bullsh*t jobs and the possibilities of meaning

Dear Dr. Peterson, I would love to hear your opinion about the notion of "Bullshit Jobs" by David Graeber. To what extent is it reasonable to exchange meaning for social and economic security? Sincerely, Ludovic


Dear Dr. Peterson, I am a newly licensed clinical psychologist and a longtime follower of your work. My practice is largely with the outpatient adult population. I have long wondered how you would advise a new therapist in terms of training opportunities. Are there any education/training programs or experts you would recommend we seek out for continuing education? I am personally interested in any training recommendations related to aiding clients in progressive fear-facing (i.e., exposure) across therapeutic modalities, something I have heard you emphasize many times. Thank you!

Boys to men

I’m a 50 year old white man ergo public enemy number 1, with a sore head from the recently imposed glass ceiling. Please give me some hope for the future of my 2 year old son. When will this woke / equality redemption movement calm….even reverse?

Creativity versus Making a decent living.

Dear Dr. Peterson, I am a 26-year-old educated man, with exceptionally high levels of openness to experience (98th percentile). What would you recommend to creative people who need to arbitrate between economic security and meaning ? I cannot ignore my aesthetic and intellectual calling any longer, yet I am afraid of going away from social institutions that cannot fulfill this need. PS : it may be relevant to add that I have low levels of neuroticism, low industriousness, high orderliness. Yours, faithfully.

For my grandson

I have inherited my three grandchildren to take care of. I want to know if it is possible for my 15-year-old grandson to take part in your future authoring program and whether it would be appropriate for him. He has been living in a single-parent situation with questionable role models as far as stepdads and has been raised in BC where conservative views are mostly demonized. I want to find a program for him that will mentor his mind toward good thoughts and hope. He speaks of years of depression, hitting a field of hopelessness easily, and being suicidal. It would be great if this program could nurture better perspective. You often speak of years of suicidal depression. I have never had to deal with this myself although my ex-husband's family dealt with mental issues and had high functioning intellectual vocations, he has not been exposed to them even to hear the complex issues of life as they saw it. Men need to be mentored by men in my view and it would be great if you could give me some advice on how to proceed. He has recently been prescribed both anti-anxiety meds and meds for ADHD. I am not sold on the idea of pharmaceutical help yet know no other way to assist him. The Covid situation has prevented me from getting him involved in physical activities that I would normally agree to pay for to support some kind of a physical outlet for him with those of his own age. I am just putting this out there to see what may transpire. Blessings to you and your family. May Love/God continue to protect and assist you. I am also asking the Holy Spirit for miracles.