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Respect for social institutions vs. Creativity

Dear Dr. Peterson, I am extraordinarily high in openess (98th percentile) and very high in orderliness (83rd percentile). My respect for social instiutions seems to contribute a lot to my fear of fully pursuing my creative outlet. How to leverage my orderliness and use it in my quest for aesthetic and intellectual achievement ?

The Problem of Religious Power

You have spoken of the value of religious thinking and spirituality to human psychology and social organization - rendering to God what is God's and rendering to Caesar what is Caesar. With this comes the importance of ritual and recognition of religious hierarchies. Can you speak to the abuse of the hierarchy that is created by religion. Specifically the use of the necessary religious impulse in humanity and the practical utility of ritual and hierarchy for evil - genocide, war, sexual abuse etc. Maybe this is a topic for a whole podcast. Thanks

Do you have any thoughts on the cluster A personality disorders?

Hi Jordan (Dr. Peterson? I’m not sure what is more appropriate.) I’ve tried looking for more information on cluster A PDs on my own but from what I can tell, it seems that there isn’t very much information on these disorders. I’ve found varying answers for why that is but I also notice there seems to be some debate about defining what constitutes a personality disorder and whether or not some disorders fit that into that definition (although I haven’t found much information on that). Do you have any insight or thoughts on cluster A personality disorders? Thanks! On a side note I’ve been enjoying the podcasts lately so thanks for making those (always lot to think about). Hope all is well!

Have you sought out your own therapy?

What area of your life are you working to improve?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you personally believe that there is a divine entity who from time to time may directly intervene in the affairs of man according to his sovereign will? And what is the value of direct petitions of humans to such an entity (i.e via prayer, etc) to request such interventions?