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A brief suggestion…+++

What is blindingly clear from the most cursory review of even a fraction of the questions you (JBP) have so far received…is that you could spend hours…days…weeks…responding to many of the requests that have been made here. You have…by your own efforts…built a worldwide community of like-minded individuals. Unfortunately many in that community need support that you are not in a position to provide. A forum could not only meet (some of) that need…but could also expand your message significantly. Another suggestion might be to create a program / structure that would enable individuals who are within the same locality to arrange formal meet-up groups wherein the issues you raise could be discussed in-person…support structures could be provided where necessary…even opportunities for proselytization, political action, and outreach could be developed (this is already occurring informally online…this would simply be a way to formalize it IRL). This might involve a separate online subscription area where interested individuals could sign-up as well as formal suggestions and guidelines for meet-up programs including study materials based on your lecture series etc. etc. etc. The point is…there are lots of ways for you to expand your message and provide support without you having to do all the heavy lifting.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the generative force of nature as the union of opposites…as the Ouroboros. Symbolically, the opposites are “Being” and “Nonbeing.” To understand these as One, however, leads me to understand myself as the knowable part (call that subjective experience) and the unknownable part (call that God). What do you think of the idea that the known part corresponds to “Being” or “Consciousness” and the unknowable part the “Unconscious”? I do not mean that the Unconscious = God exactly, but something more like the union of the Conscious and Unconscious = God.

Kids Vaccine

What is the role of parents if they’re facing a decision to chose between a vaccine (they may or may not want) and the child’s ability to live their life; go out, do things?

Virtual Learning

How important is it to learn in-person, face to face, then through a camera? Is there a point in human development where there’s no difference?

New father needing guidance

I completely changed my worldview thanks to your material. I got married and now have a beautiful baby boy that is 1 year old. My wife is finding all sorts of people on Instagram that are influencing how we are raising our child. My gut instinct is telling me that perhaps we are being over nurturing and not providing enough discipline. We are both compassionate and high in agreeableness so it is easy for us to take the more compassionate route. For example, my son is very determined and he gets frustrated quite easily, my wife believes that if he cries, no matter what the cause, must be picked up and nurtured immediately. I feel somewhat the same way but my instincts are constantly telling me that we may be over nurturing him. I was wondering if you can recommend any individuals with a scientific background whose material may be able to layout a practical guide to some of the everyday scenarios of raising a child?