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What role should medical doctors play in public policy?

I am a medical student. I have seen first hand a side of this pandemic that not many have: the perspective of medical doctors. They are the ones who face the worst side of the pandemic, ALL the time. I realize that this does not reflect what the average citizen has experienced. Therefore, what role should physicians play in public policy considering they might be biased towards over-reacting and not evaluating secondary effects that their health policies might have?

A brief suggestion

You could probably spend an entire year just answering the questions you've already got (how many days since you started this thing????). A suggestion to engage your supercast subscribers...start a moderated forum where members can interact and contribute so you (Jordan) don't have to bear so much of the burden. There are some VERY substantial demands being placed on your time, thoughts, and feelings here. Demands which no single human being can be expected to manage (and it's all-but certain that those demands are only going to multiply). A forum would provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to support each well as an opportunity for you (Jordan) to observe, interact, and participate, on a much more manageable level.


What, if any, are facets of the experience of someone who has had severe depression that could prove beneficial?

Ayn Rand

What is your take on Ayn Rand, her works, and philosophy?

Joseph Campbell

How does your work blend with that of Joseph Campbell? Where do you agree and disagree?