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Online writing program

Did you and your team have any updates on the writing software that your developing? Thanks for everything you do.

Handling Grief & Trauma

About a month ago, I lost a great friend of mine in a fatal car accident due to his drinking and driving. He was supposed to sleep on my couch, but we got into a drunken argument that led him to drive home that night. This has obviously weighed heavily on me. What advice do you have on handling grief? And what advice do you have on reintegrating into society after something traumatic like this happens?

Book you received from me 12/19

Did you ever get around to reading J. L. Talmon's work - "The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy"? I gave it to you at your appearance in Los Angeles as above. I firmly believe it will be an "eye-opener" for you (at least in the historical sense :-). Congratulations for your recovery from your addiction and thank you for your courage and steadfastness in the defense of libertarian principles. My very best regards - Richard Wasem

Best "Non-Woke" Charity Recommendation

I was appalled to hear that the Salvation Army (Dennis Prager's show) has joined the Woke world - white supremacism, systemic, racism, etc. I've supported them for years but I can't now that the radical left has infiltrated their ranks. I want to focus my donations on causes that are intelligent and will really make a difference. One more thing: even though I'm 70 yrs old and a Marriage Counsellor in private practice for nearly 40 years, reading your book and listening to your lectures has changed my life. I'm now enjoying my career and I'm wildly more successful in my practice, in great measure thanks to you. Your work is ESSENTIAL to world. THANK YOU SO MUCH JORDAN! Sigurd Taylor Victoria, BC

Define Cynicism