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Don’t Lie, But Don’t Cast Pearls Before Swine

How do you balance the (necessary) rule to “… or at least don’t lie” with the idea of not casting pearls before swine? For example, in 12 rules, when the father asked you how his Elmo loving son did that evening, you said he did great “not a problem” (or something like that). But the child did in fact give some problems. The reason you told the dad that was because you shouldn’t cast pearls before swine, which in this case makes sense. Telling the dad what you did, and how he should change, might fall on deaf ears. So how do you know when to tell the truth, or when to withhold the “pearls” from the reluctant ears? Appreciate you so much.


Have you interacted at all with freemasonry? If not what is your opinion on secret societies and shadow organizations?

Artists and the Unconscious

What are processes we, as artists, can use to dive into the unconscious and retrieve inspiration. For instance, I’m a lyricist but feel my words are self-serving rather than sincere.

Did I see God, or am I crazy?

Jordan, have I been too annoying? I appreciate you irregardless of your answer. But as you say it was like my psyche split in two and I got way too much information in one go. Some things are so true it's scares me, and other information just confuses me to no avail. I just have a thirst for intellectual curiosity, and I am a people person so I need a lot of social feedback. You lead me down this path and I hope you're comfortable to go a little further with me as long as there is no detriment to yourself. If this doesn't make sense, Ive been spamming your email address and a few other people you may know. But you're all linked somehow, and I think you may have a key to some questions of mine. At the very least, you can diagnose me with delirium lol. Also my financial resources have been put through isolation which makes navigating things a bit trickier, so apologies.

Education to match intelligence in the current year.

I have often heard you ask the question "are you as as educated as you are intelligent?". However, nowadays, you have taken a strong stance recommending bright minds *do not* go to University. Under such a system, how exactly does one "educate" themselves in a credible manner?