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Imact on Supercast subscriptions following the DW+

Hi Dr. Peterson, I am a happy customer of your Supercast and look forward to your updated content. I noticed however that podcasts on DW+ are more recent than the Supercast. In fact, my apple podcast feed hasn't been updated since June 27th. With the new relationship with DW, is the Supercast going to replaced? Are current Supercast subscibers going to have their subscriptions migrated to DW+ or receive a prorated refund? Thanks in advance.

Premium Feed vs Regular Feed

Dr. Peterson, I have recently come to realize your premium feed is no longer updating to meet your current releases. I’m happy to enjoy your content on the regular podcast channel, but would rather have it on the premium (commercial free) feed! Please advise! -Zach

Four years have passed...and...

From one of your 2018 video's: "Because I’m on guard so much it’s easier for me to get a bit snappy and unpleasant and that’s bad and I don’t want to do that. I want to stay calm and detached and try to tell the truth and be happy that I’m there regardless of the circumstances. The problem is I’m becoming too much on guard and I’ve noticed a developing sense of impatience within me an some suspicion and that’s not good. I don’t want to be in situations where those are my fundamental orientations. It’s a sign of a certain amount of internal corruption on my part." I have no comment...but I'm wondering if you do?

How to deal with a suicidal family member?

I recently got out of the US military and moved back home. My brother moved home the same day. A few months in, he got in drunken fight with my dad and it came out that he was suicidal. Well that became the family's focus. He went to the hospital for 10 days and started medicine. There was a lot of confusion and hopelessness in myself but mostly with my parents. I feel I did a good job holding my parents together and then helping my brother back up and telling him everything i know about mental health and being a capable man. I have been suicidal myself. I recovered and I've been doing well; I'm also 19 months sober. All I do is listen to you and find my faith in Christ again every day and then try and be the best man i can . I can't thank you enough, Dr. Peterson. But less than 3 months into my brother's treatment he quit, doesn't want meds, therapy, any of it. Now he just avoids everyone in the house, doesn't talk to anyone at all. I've heard you say a few times to not cast pearls before swine and if someone doesn't want your help save yourself and stop trying to help. But what should I do in the mean time? How can I help my parents? Is there anything I can do to help my brother want to carry his burden?

Did I miss the memo?

Is this JP service dead since JP joined Daily Wire+, the latter to which I subscribed btw.