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The nuance between feelings aren't facts and validating experiences

How does a clinical professional navigate the complexities of addressing unhelpful thoughts that exacerbate mental health issues and validating [traumatic] experiences? In addition, how do we address one's experience (i.e. when phrases like "my truth" are used) but their "truth" isn't a realistic alignment to what actually happened? Is it okay to invalidate someone and if so, how do you do this carefully? What are some caveats to this?

The life I was meant to live

When I ponder my death, I do not fear dying but I am afraid of not living. In other words, when the last sentence of my life is scripted, can I look back through the chapters and say, “I did what I was supposed to do.” I often sense that I’m wasting my gifts and not going in the correct direction. Could perfectionistic thinking be the source of my doubt and hindering my ability to enjoy the current moment? How do I know I am living the life I was meant to live?

A light at the end of the tunnel...

I was listening to your show 'Free Speech and Cambridge' and heard you briefly mention that a possible solution for people prone to neurosis who can suffer from depression and anxiety is education. This is something I have and am dealing with first hand, I have suffered all my life since being a young child. In the past 1.5 years since discovering your work - pod casts, videos and books, I became an avid follower and started studying them, through that interest I have since embarked on my first higher learning university course. My anxieties almost immediately started easing and I feel the heavy burden of often crippling thoughts lifting. I would really appreciate if you could say more on the subject, in particular any outcomes. I have tried medical and non medical therapies to help me, but to no success, only since embarking on this journey of self fulfilment and acceptance of who I am and what I need, have I noticed significant improvements. I would also like to say a huge thank you, for everything you put out into the world, that genuinely helps people. You have reached a middle aged non academic stay at home mum in the UK, and inspired a complete change in mindset. Not only helping me but as a consequence everyone around me. A big thank you. Please keep going!

Your Relationship with Christians

You have an interesting relationship with Christians. Many thank you for renewing their faith. Others hold out hope of your conversion. Still others think you are playing footsie with them and are annoyed. You have a better grasp of the meaning inherent in Christian symbols and archetypes than most Christians - an understanding that is clearly alloyed with deep respect. For those who hold to the astonishing historical claims of Christianity, however, this seems like thin gruel. How can Christian theology exercise any power to elevate human endeavor when it is drained of its historicity?

Rebuilding my Map

I distrust my own conclusions about most experiences I have been through, and because of that I dont know how to proceed in the future. How do I get back to a place where I can make sound decisions based on solid reasoning, logic and wisdom?