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Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever thought about breaking down and analyzing Alice in Wonderland? If not would love to see a lecture or two on it. Thank you!

Is this function still working?

Seems like a while since any questions were answered, is this feature still working?

Should I Try a Psychedelic?

Im 30 years old and have been sober my whole life. I’ve never had any interest in getting drunk or high or anything like that, but, after hearing you talk about psychedelics, it’s got me wondering if I should try one. If so, how would you recommend going about that? Seems like people can have profound experiences. Has me wondering what I may be missing out on.

Are you conservative now? Does the nuance even matter?

I know you and Ben Shapiro are friends, but I just wonder about the brand calculus that you would have to go through to align your brand so tightly to DailyWire. It is the most right-wing network in America, totally unbalanced. You are going to be speaking into an echo chamber. Does that not hurt the dialog you are trying to have? Does that not close doors for you? Are you a staunch conservative now? Because being part of the DailyWire brand means you are now part of the extreme right-wing of politics by chosen association. Is that what we should take from this move? How do I reconcile a self-professed liberal being on the most conservative media company in the US?

What does it mean if you dream you see yourself in a mirror?

I have had three dreams where I've seen myself in a mirror. I remember the most from the first dream. I was in a house, and there was a man with me (it might have been a friend of mine, but I'm not sure), and we stumbled across a man dying from a gunshot wound. The man who was dying asked me if I would kill him with a knife so that he didn't have to die from a gun. I told him no, but that I would shoot him to put him out of his misery. He said no, and I left him. I went around a corner, and there was a mirror. In my reflection, my eyes were very tiny, like little pinpricks, and I washed my face repeatedly, but my eyes would not grow larger. In the second dream, I only remember that I saw myself wearing a muzzle like a dog. My eyes were huge, and I was crying, although I can't remember feeling any emotion. In the third dream, I was not wearing a muzzle, and my eyes were a normal size again. Even more interesting, I looked pretty to myself, which is unusual. What does it mean to see yourself in a mirror in a dream, and do you have any ideas about what these particular dreams mean?