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Watching videos of babies

I’m 25 and I like watching videos of babies on Instagram. Here’s the catch: I’m a man. When women I know watch these videos, I hear other women say that they have “baby fever,” but I never hear that kind of language from or about men. Do I too have baby fever? And if so, is there anything wrong with it?

I need advise about my life - Just found out I might be on the spectrum

Hello Dr. Peterson, I have watched your videos for some time and it made me strive to be a better person. I decided two years ago to stop lying and to take care of myself and things have been better. I've been in a new job for those two years and have been trying to do good. I told myself this would be it, this would be the time when I would be able to make a difference and be a better person. I still try but after a series of events I've found out that I might be on the spectrum; I'm in the UK and work has been kind enough to provide support to get diagnosed, so I'm proceeding on that basis. This is going to sound cruel but I think if most people could choose between being not-austistic or being autistic, most people would choose not to. I always felt like if I could just change myself or do something different, I could be like everyone else in an idealised state but that seems to have come crashing down. I pushed myself to be better and to change and then this comes up; it feels like a cage that I can't escape and that I'm well aware I'm in. It also doesn't matter how hard I try, no matter how much good I try to do it seems to blow up in my face, people seem to think I'm weird regardless and I end up doing more harm than good. It seems that no matter how hard I try, things fall flat. I tend to find if I don't do anything then things get better, but it's like I'm floating from place to place pre-determinately and I always think of how I could make things measurably better, and I want to strive towards that path (because it could be better). I'm in a situation now where I look back on my life and I just regret because of the mistakes I've made; I know you've advised not to compare to other people, but comparitively I seem to have fallen short in many ways (I try to do better but with the possibility I'm on the spectrum, it just seems like it's a cycle I cannot escape). I was wondering if you could give me advise? Because of the autism, I come across as either self-righteous, a creep, weird or people will always come up with assumptions about me based on things I have no control over; sorry, I'm not trying to make excuses but there's only so much I can try to change where I realise it's not working.

Abel´s Mistake

Dr. Peterson, you recently appeared in one of my dreams and said the following to me: "You have to do your best not to make the kind of mistakes that attract Cain's attention because he lives inside of every person." This came as a revelation to me because it breaks a problem I have been wrestling with for years down to one question. If I am fortunate, may it be because I made the right sacrifices or because I am lucky, how can I make the people in my environment act out the archetype of Abel and not Cain? Maybe Abel holds some responsibility for the way Cain developed and subsequently his own death.

Danger in Archetypal Story

Your talks on the archetypal stories have been helpful to me in finding workable real life solutions and approaches to problems. Is there danger in looking to these too frequently? They feel like a shortcut sometimes.

Can you please provide an update on our monthly Q&As?

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