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New intervention that raises IQ by 1/2 to 1 standard deviation. I’m curious about your thoughts about it.

Hello Dr Peterson. I’m interested in what you think about an intervention based on relational frame theory that increases IQ significantly. I stumbled upon this blog post written by Dr Steven Hayes that talks about it : You Dr Peterson sparked my interest in the matter and from your talks and lectures I know you have been looking for an intervention that raises IQ.

If Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were brothers IRL

If we personalize these three counties, which are in armed conflict now, were brothers, can we tell that they're fighting for the inheritance (or legacy maybe)? What this inheritance would be, and who has more moral and legal rights to get it? P.S. I think that Belarus is the oldest brother, but I'm biased because I'm a Belarusian.

Your most surreal episode yet?

Dr Peterson, I felt you were a little uneasy during the Richard Dawkins episode? I have heard almost all your lectures and I feel like I know you well (which is a great honour thank you) Will you please do another is was a great Masterclass?! And I would like to add that this please- to consider the immense gravity and importance of this meeting in our time today, I felt it was completely surreal (and in some bizarre way I cannot explain, perhaps fitting) that whole business walking around in the end…I was nearly in tears thank you!! Yrs sincerely, Dave

On Edgar Cayce and the Collective Subconscious

Firstly, I'm curious if you've heard of Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet". He enters a trance like state and answers questions, pulling information from the collective subconscious he's tapping into. If so, have you looked into his readings and his claim that he interprets his ability as owing to God (Christian God, specifically)? He has fascinating interpretations of religious phenomenon and Jesus, among so many other things. I'd mostly like to know what you think of his claim that he reads the collective subconscious for information like reading books in a library. What do you make one having the ability to do this?

My brother thinks he is a girl.

Dear Dr Peterson. Around six months ago my brother, came to me and told me he is transgender and now a she. My parents knew before and didn't feel it was my place to know, they also knew that he had been diagnosed with depression, again they did not tell me. My brother is 15 I am 17. I've lost virtually all trust with my parents, especially my father over this. Is that acceptable? I'm at a loss for how to process this.