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Can you please interview the creators of LetterKenny?

We would love to hear an interview between a couple of hyper literate rural Canadians boys. It would be fun but also interesting to hear Jared Kesso’s take on literacy and male ambition as a former junior hockey player from small town Ontario that has made it in television.

Gratitude and Bravery

Hi Dr. Peterson. I've been practicing gratitude with surprising benefits in many areas of life, including empathy and responsibility. You suggested that gratitude is an act of bravery, with which I agree. But why is the default human response to life to choose what is not brave and not grateful? Is it fear? Is there something about avoiding bravery that offers comfort even though the alternative keeps us from connecting or finding love?

3 mile island

Do you remember 3 mile island. With the no nuke protests and everyone worried about cancer and big energy lying to them. Do you ever feel like life is a skipping record. Thank you for everything you do.

How should we be raising children when public education is crumbling?

As I've been getting older and have begun to visualize my future with children, I worry about the state of public education. My concerns first set in when I noticed how children's programming like Sesame Street have introduced "Critical Race Theory" elements into their programs, such as categorizing characters by race, songs about inclusion and anti-racism, etc, all in a guilt-trip manner. It's miles away from what I remember as a child. It goes as deep as textbook information using identity politics in their text. As someone who plans to start a family in the future, how should I best avoid this material for my children? Should they not watch children's TV? Homeschool? If you were raising a young child today, how would you approach their education?

What Dr Jordan Peterson thinks about acceptance and commitment therapy?

Hello Dr Peterson, in the past month I was introduced to ACT acceptance and commitment therapy and I was surprised by the radical presupposition this therapy is based on which is to embrace depression, anxiety and some other undesirable psychological states instead of preventing them. It seems counter intuitive. If you've ever read about it I would love hearing your thoughts.