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Where is truth?

Why only Alexander solzhnetsyn? Why not Julian Assanje? Why not Prof. John Mearsheimer? Why not everything NATO did against all the countries,like Serbia which even UN World court was against? I love you,thank you for saving my life but why is truth only the West's story,since you said west's culture is of truth?

Demonic Possession

What's your thoughts on demonic possession and the exorcisms done in the catholic church?


How does one learn about personality psychology? I'm stuck referencing things you have told me through out the insane amount of JBP content I have consumed. I also feel afraid citing your stuff. College is scary to me.

Truth and Etymology

How does the word Archetype get created? Where do the roots for it lay? Why arc? Does this tell us something about our symmetry to God? Once again my Paganism is showing. Excuse me, PRAISE THE SUN

I am a 25 year old woman, my mother insists I marry a rich man because she has, what do I do?

Jordan, I’m really tired of dealing with an overbearing mother who won’t respect my boundaries. I’ve learned what I want in life and I’m with someone who may not be wealthy, but that can carry their own weight financially. My mother has divorced my dad and married a wealthy man. She has often bought me clothes even up to present day, most of what I wear, she bought without consulting me beforehand. I know it’s not normal. She is what you would call a devouring morher. I now live in a condo she bought me without asking my opinion and I regret accepting her offer after my past relationship broke down beforehand (which was not a healthy one and my mom was right about it to some extent but now that I’ve conceded that’s she was right she’s become more overbearing than ever). I am with someone now that I feel very strong with and he’s an honest man who knows what he wants. He and I both know how to negotiate with one another and we have great chemistry. Yet, as my father says, I have to act all nice and accepting as my mother continues to bash my current relationship and tell me I’m a desperate woman because I’m with a man who’s not wealthy. Im very tired of living like this. I’ve recovered from BPD through therapy and by reading your books, but I feel myself crumbling again. How do I deal with this? How do I confront this suffering that tugs at my very being without falling apart again? Please help me.