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other ways to inspire courage

Hello Dr. Peterson, Firstly, thank you for all you do and have done for me and countless others. It truly is invaluable. My fiance is a new nurse and has consistently struggled with what I believe is a lack of confidence, based in what she sees in herself is a lack of competence and because of that and other things, she does not enjoy her profession yet. I truly believe the primary reason is she is new at what she does and primarily needs to get her "reps" in. Your best advice for this is rule 4, "compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who some else is today." I have tried this and nearly every motivational line I can find to help rally her in her lowest moments. Where would you turn next?

Christopher Langan

Hello, I occasionally follow Christopher Langan (labeled the worlds smartest man after an IQ test supposedly have him a score of around 200. I think there is a lot of topics you could discuss with him. Would you please consider to have him as a guest om your podcast? Best regards Erik

Can you elaborate on your defininition of romance

In a podcast episode a couple of months ago, you said "there is no sex without romance". I understand you were refering to your relationship with your wife, but I would be grateful if you could eleborate on that. Can you help someone who has not got his aim right on this matter, better hit the target?

Responsibilities and High Functioning Autism Disorder

What is your stance in defining what the responsibilities (vs. the concept of just assuring rights) should be for individuals who can be considered as highly functioning autistic (whether diagnosed or un-diagnosed)? For instance, throughout history, known or suspected individuals (both male and female) with high functioning autism have made significant contributions to society. On the other hand, at the individual level, these individuals can create a significant burden for the immediate family and persons who interact with them. Sadly, public conversation on this topic primarily sides only with the aspect of rights and not on how such responsibilities could be defined (if any). Thus, your take will be greatly appreciated. Again, Dr. Peterson, thank you for all your great contributions and to all the participants on this forum for supporting his work.

Hunger strike against the Vaccine Mandate.

In Austria they are pushing to mandate the vaccine, the mandate bill is expected to become law in February. Unvaccinated people will get fined €600 by the police during routine checks. Everyone will receive a vaccine appointment in the mail, failing to comply will result in a €3600 fine. I refuse to get vaccinated. My question: what negative effects can this mandate have on society? I'm not a scholar and I wouldn't know how to start my research. I've come to terms that I might die because of the hunger strike, but I don't see another legal way to deal with this legislation. Please give me your insights, since this is heavily impacting my life on every front, even my marriage is suffering because of it. My wife doesn't want to move to another country again, we came here 6 months ago and she has nothing to go back to.