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any update on your online university?

How can one become honest with themself?

I find my self listless and aimless, I've heard that you should ask yourself what you really want from life in order to find a meaning / purpose though I haven't been able to coax a response from myself other than an end. If that was true I wouldn't be here so I know there is something holding me here though I can't seem to see it. What method / tool would you suggest to help clear the fog?

What took you so long to create premium subscription?

I find that having an ad-supported podcast contradicts some point you're making on it. You're essentially relying on some company (marketing team, ad agency) throwing enough money on your podcast wall so that some (I'd expect, small) percentage of it sticks in the form of CTR. I find this very wasteful, and I'm happy that now I can opt out of participation in this and support the podcast more or less directly. Do you think it would be possible to make the free version of this podcast free with enough direct support from the listeners?

Punished by Rewards

I’ve encountered a great deal of research on how rewards and punishments tend to backfire both long and short term. Many of the strategies for helping raise kids than fall within the realm of reasoning with them and utilizing playful ways to elicit obedience (ie trouble putting clothes on in the morning? The sock monster wants to eat your feet). I’m not an academic so struggle to read firsthand accounts of research, so unclear if research I reference above is stout. Have you encountered alternate theories to parenting such as ones I suggested above which seek to minimize punishments and rewards? Do you have thoughts on them? The season I’m in is a stay at home father of 3, all under 5. Many of my first engagements with these ideas come from Alfie Kohn.


What if there were one evil so prolific that the world at large would have no choice but to unite against it. Would that evil then be love?