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What is your take on euthanasia? If you believe it's a right, then is it possible to implement laws that safeguard against abuse?

Coming to St. John's?

Hello Dr. Peterson. I am a huge fan of your work and just finished 12 Rules For Life. I would love to attend an in person lecture at one of your Canadian tour venues. Have you thought about coming to St. John's, NL for an upcoming lecture?


1 day ago Alcoholism Dr. Peterson, would you be so kind and offer a podcast on the psychology of alcoholism, bringing into it your earlier research and current day strategies to quit drinking alcohol? I am certain you would know of an interesting expert in this field to have a long-form conversation with! Thank-you. (Ps - can't wait for the Exodus series of lectures!)

Lost trust during covid 19

During the pandemic I started seeing people I normally listen to like Joe Rogan, Bret Weinstein and my mother talking about how the mrna vaccine is extremely dangerous and that just threw me down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theory which caused me to loose truat in pretty much all governments and many institutions that I previously thought were quite decent. This happened around the time that I lost trust in myself. So now I don't trust myself or the structures around me. What should I do?

Managing a stutter

I've had a stutter my entire life and have been cornered into high withdrawal neuroticism, completely avoiding people and opportunities. People tell me to face it as I'm sure you will too, but I can't shake the unfairness that comes from disfluency robbing me of my expression. It can be jarring and uncharismatic. I've become very isolated, perhaps resentful, and just wanted to know any advice that could maybe turn this around for me.